25-27 October 2017

Kyiv, IEC, 15, Brovarskyi Ave.



Premier Expo company invites you to take part in the 17th International InterStorage'2017 Trade Exhibition!

Storage is an interesting and relevant subject. By the highest standards, any kind of business is not just bound to warehousing, but it is also hard depended on it. InterStorage is  part TransUkraine Exhibition.

Besides, the storehouse is a multi-discipline enterprise requiring maximal mechanization, state-of-the-art software and quantity of up-to-date automation systems. In other words, the warehouse material handling equipment must meet its destination to the maximum at present market conditions.


·         Production equipment and handling facilities

o    loaders

o    stackers

o    cranes and crane equipment

o    winches

o    rope products

o    belt conveyors

o    pallet trucks

o    other lifting-transport machines, devices and units

·         Storehouse systems

o    designing and construction

o    automated storehouses

o    storehouse and merchant construction elements

o    multi-profile racks

o    euro-pallet racks

o    designing, mounting, adjustment and alignment storehouse equipment

o    cargo allocation and packing

o    industrial scales

o    sliding doors and gates

·         Automated storehouse systems

o    automated storehouse management systems

o    data processing systems

o    cargo security systems

o    marking systems and stroke-codes





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